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Master Combination Lock Serial Number

Master Combination Lock Serial Number

master combination lock serial number


Master Combination Lock Serial Number >




























































Ive used this method on other locks and it worked but I cant figure this one out. I didnt see anything on their website. The following video provides a simple tutorial. (e.g. On another site there's a thing about finding 12 locked position going counterclockwise.first off, I assume mine means the first is .5??? Second.I've tried multiple different approaches to this and cannot crack this brand.


HOW DO I FIND THE MIDDLE NUMBER. It seems like this should be an easier algorithm, no? Any ideas? Posted by ERic April 3, 2010, 2:49 PM Reply to this comment Totally Works& had 2 locks collecting dust for over 5 years in my drawer and finally founds their combination with this trick& thanks a lot! Posted by Mike Gaum March 31, 2010, 7:48 PM Reply to this comment It didnt work on my MasterLock model 1504 (purchased on 2009). Reply . Posted by Dan Z. I did unlock it, but only because I knew the second two. Hope to hear from you.


The combination is 31 15 29. I thought 0 was one of my locked numbers, but no! I also missed the .5 on my resistance number. Youd also have cancelled the decimal numbers and so 10 would be your best bet. It did just not work for my locks. Something about keeping honest people, honest.


Reply . In this case: 1. 4, 12, 36 are the only whole numbers. Posted by Martin Brilliant February 5, 2015, 9:19 AM Reply to this comment Two of my combinations number are 32 and 35 as conveyed to me by my uncle who has given me one such lock. can you suggest me possible combinations. 2 Justin Meyers 1 year ago Was a one-time thing that bryan coded in manually. Excellent method.

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